ITO glass for large size architectural use

large size ITO glass for architectural product

► Introduction
Large-sized or large-are a indium tin oxide (ITO) coated glass plays a pivotal role in green and energy-efficient buildings and solar energy utilization/regulation. It applies to solar-related products and finds utilization in smart glasses, smart switchable windows, electrochromic glasses, electrochromic dimming/dynamic windows, and liquid crystal windows.

In the domain of energy-efficient buildings, large-sized ITO coated glass holds immense potential for window applications. Smart glasses, smart windows, electrochromic windows, and liquid crystal windows, by adjusting the voltage, modify the transparency of windows, thereby achieving light control, privacy protection, and creating a comfortable indoor environment.

In the domain of solar energy utilization/regulation, ITO coated glass boasts excellent conductivity and transparency, making it an ideal choice for solar cells and transparent solar windows.

As technology continues to evolve, large-sized or large-area ITO coated glass becomes an integral component of sustainable development, bringing forth new possibilities for the construction industry, and further propelling the advancement of sustainable development and intelligent building.

► Substrate thickness ( mm )

► Substrate size ( mm )

► Substrate types
Architectural glass and tempered architectural glass
We also provide coating service on client-supplied materials.

► Standard spec.


Resistance Spec.

Resistance range


( Ω / □ )

( Ω / □ )

( % )

SiO2  / ITO


< 100

> 85

SiO2 / ITO / SiO2


< 100

> 84

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