Company profile


Indium tin oxide (ITO) conductive glasses are glasses coated with transparent conductive ITO thin films, which are the main products of GemTech. GemTech Optoelectronics Corp. is one of the many high-technology businesses Cheng Loong Group invested in. Over the years, we have received high recognition from major Japanese, Korean, European, American, Taiwanese, and Chinese companies in the industry for our highly professional sputtering technologies and excellent ITO-coated glass.

GemTech is also one of the few manufacturers in the world that can provide large-size, large-area, and high-temperature sputtering coating services. We have established cooperation and formed strategic alliances with well-known companies in Taiwan and abroad.

► Equipment 
  1. Three Cluster Type In-Line Sputter machines (Max.2.1x3.6M,Min.300x350mm)
  2. Two Surface Grinding machines
  3. High-precision testing equipment
  4. Automatic production line
  5. R&D equipment

► Main product
  1. ITO conductive glass for LCD displays (TN/STN)
  2. ITO conductive glass for TP touch panels (DITO, SITO, IMITO, etc.)
  3. ITO conductive glass and metal-coated glass for OLED panels
  4. Anti-reflection coated glass (ARITO) and anti-infrared coated glass (EMI shielding) for displays and automotive products
  5. ITO conductive glass for green building materials, such as Smart Window/Privacy Window
  6. ITO conductive glass for photovoltaic building materials
  7. Large-sized ITO conductive glass with dimensions of 2.1M x 3.6M