Employee Engagement

Employment and labor/management relations
To protect the basic human rights of employees, we engage in no unfair treatment or discrimination based on gender, race, age, marital status, religion and belief, or family status in the hiring, arrangement, promotion, transfer, wage, retirement, resignation, discharge, education and training, and benefits of employees at all levels.

Employee care
We value care and relevant measures for employees. In addition to annual health examinations, we encourage employees to implement self-health management.

Family and life
“Family” is the ultimate support of employees and the driving force for employees to work hard. Therefore, we extend our scope of employee care to their family by planning various benefits:
  1. Welfare measures to encourage marriage and childbearing: We provide marriage allowances and maternity pension.
  2. Accident and illness assistance: We provide medical allowances for employees’ families in hospitalization or severe injuries or illness and offer assistance for their family expenses and after they have an accident.
  3. Employee travel: Every year we provide allowances for employee group travel, including the family of employees.
  4. Scholarships and grants: By setting up scholarships and grants for the academic and talents of the employee’s children, we encourage them to pursue higher studies and develop individual talents.

Regular salary review and adjustment
As commodity prices continue to escalate, the daily family expenses of employees also increase. To empathize with employees and capture the market information of salary in the industry, we review employee salary every year and increase employee salary.

Talents development and cultivation
Our talents cultivation strategy is based on its corporate philosophy and corporate vision. By combining with the corporate core values and annual policy, we start various training programs together with the use of the e-learning platform. Through job rotation, foreign language rewards, continuing education subsidization, and internal core general education courses, we allow employees to extend the breadth and depth of work as the company grows to achieve multiple competencies.