Quality policy

Quality policy
  • Innovation
Endless pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement and innovation by all members of the company to conquer various new challenges.
  • Execution
Precisely implement standard production procedures, quality plans, and customer service to create incentives for continuous improvement
  • Quality
Continuously enhance the quality concepts of production, environment, management, product, service, etc..
  • Customer Satisfaction
Customer-oriented and customer-focused philosophy - company's most important missions are to fulfill customers' needs and to provide the best service!

Environmental policy
  • Abide by environmental protection regulations and determine to create a cleaner environment.
  • Continuously improve manufacturing process to produce green products.
  • Pursue zero calamity.
  • Continuous efforts on energy conservation and waste classifications to fulfill the missions of environmental protection.

HSF policy
  • Abide by environmental protection regulations and satisfy customers.
  • Contribute to the environment protection
  • Continuous improvement processes in manufacturing
  • Produce green products.