Human Rights Policy

The company’s business bases in various places strictly abide by local labor regulations, are committed to protecting the basic human rights of all employees, and support and agree with the basic spirit of international conventions, including “United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights” “The United Nations Global Compact,” “International Labor Office’s Tripartite Declaration of Principles,” and “the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises” while formulating Cheng Loong’s human rights policy in accordance with their guiding principles, so that all relevant people can be treated fairly and with dignity.

Cheng Loong’s human rights policy also applies to the enterprises and organizations, including its subsidiaries and other institutions or legal persons with substantive control. The specific implementation guidelines are set out below:

Tolerance of diversity and anti-discrimination

Ban on child labor and prohibition of forced labor

Anti-corruption and ethical management

Health and safety workplace and work Balance

Freedom of association and smooth communication channels